The online Village Bread Customer Portal powered by PayWholesail

Village Bread is proud to announce our new online Customer Portal to help our customers manage their business relationship with us. Our portal allows access on a 24/7/365 basis to mirror the schedule and work hours of our diverse customer base.

Our Customer Portal makes many of the repetitive, mundane tasks easy, based on world class automation. All available at the tip of your fingers on your mobile or computer device!

  • Tired of missing paper invoices or kitchen stained ones messing up your files and touchscreens?
  • Worried about whether quantity adjustments on invoices really were edited and updated?
  • Worn out by the constant need to enter invoices to ensure the accounts payable process transacts?
  • Stressed about paying your invoices on time so you can avoid interruptions in your bread deliveries?
  • Distracted by the bookkeeping details to avoid late fees and interest charges on late payments?
  • Overwhelmed by the typos and human errors occurring while you’re half-asleep trying to get this all done?!

Alas, we have designed our Customer Portal to streamline the above processes and automatically provide needed documents, payment processing and payment receipts so you can exit the matrix.

Our Customer Portal features include:

  • Sending Customer statements once per week, automatically every Thursday;
  • Storing Customer invoices online for review of order quantities, prices, and paid status;
  • Allowing the download, storage and printing of invoices;
  • Processing payments made with debit cards, credit cards or better yet, no fee ACH bank draft;
  • Featuring Autopay settings which allow you to pay your invoice automatically when due, just pick the day of the week you prefer and click save;
  • And most importantly, dedicated technical support available Monday – Friday, 24 hours per day in case you need help setting it up. Just click here to book some time on the support calendar: Or send your question to us via email

If you’re ready to simplify your life, click here to login to our Customer Portal with your email address on your customer account.

If you need to add an email to your customer account, send the request to

To ensure you save the most time and money, set up the payment type of ACH, and then set up Autopay using this ACH payment type. Select the day you want your invoices to be paid automatically, and click save. Payment receipts are automatically mailed to you for each transaction.

You are still able to pay your invoices with credit card or debit card, but as of now, all payments will have a 2.75% convenience fee added to your total charge.

Remember, the ACH payment method is free (no fee) for you to use, which we strongly encourage.

Thank you for your continued support. We hope you find this new tool as helpful as we intended.